Payment facilities

Payment facilities

The MEGA FACILE Service of MEGAMONDE offers payment facilities to its customers. 

Need a motorcycle?
Wanting to control your budget and arrange your payments upto 6 monthly installments, it is now possible with the MEGA FACILE formula of MEGAMONDE.
To obtain this service, meet all the conditions, submit your application to our sales representatives in charge of this department and receive your answer within 72 hours.


1 - Choose at least one product from the available range
2 - To be domiciled in one of the financial institutions, possibility of emission of cheques (bank, credit union, etc.) or to have an endorsement, meeting the same conditions 
3 - To be able to pay a deposit equal to at least 50% of the total amount of the chosen articles
4 - Have a copy of a valid identity document (copy of the CNIB)
5 - Bring a copy of a water or electricity bill from your residence
6- Provide the bank statement of the last 3 months and the salary slips of the last 3 months. If necessary, the endorsee will have to provide the same documents (statements and pay slips) to the subscriber.
7 - The registration form accompanied by all the requested documentation and the application fee of three thousand (3,000) CFA francs must be deposited at MEGAMONDE for validation by the "approval committee
8 - Provide the sum of twenty-eight thousand (28,000) CFA francs for the registration fees for motorcycles. These sums are collected in full upon payment of the deposit

n.b.: Remaining balances are paid by check, wire transfer or cash

Notice ⚠️: Promotional prices are not applicable under the MEGA FACILE terms


By filling out this form, I undertake, upon approval of my application, to proceed without delay to the payment of the deposit and the registration fees for motorcycles

The original documents are handed over after total settlment of the amounts due

Mega Facile

Do you meet the requirements?
Fill out this form and submit your documents online!

Mega Facile Brochure Download


Bank account number on which salary is domiciled
50% of the remaining amount on the deposit, spread over six months

We will notify you by message if you can access this service.

Our sales representatives in charge of this department will contact you within 72 business hours.

Or feel free to contact us at 61 11 11 11 to make an appointment and submit your file.

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